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Knight Rider Icons and Artwork

Recent Entries

11/11/10 12:39 am - 7star78 - 30 KR/Hoff bases.

Credit not needed.
Alter if you want to.
No hotlinking.
Save them before they turn into red x's.


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10/20/08 01:27 am - vespurrs - I have a tiny little request...

Is anyone out there willing to make some bases or icons of Kitt in SPM and convertible modes? It's occurred to me that I've only got a few SPM bases and none of the convertible at all.


10/19/08 10:35 pm - hypercaz - 17 Jump In icons

Don't know how many of you have seen this music video (Jump In by No More Kings), but it has a few cute references to Knight Rider. With that in mind, I thought it'd be nice to have a few cartoonish icons from the video. =D Hope this is allowed.

NOT bases - made with a little help from smudging and sharpening in GIMP. That said, I don't mind if people edit them. Credit is love.



jump in let's save the worldCollapse )


10/9/08 09:47 am - hypercaz - 2 icons =) ... and bonus haiku

Just a couple of icons this time, using the stills off the season 1 boxset.


...and your bonus Michael/Bonnie haiku *lol*

Michael and Bonnie
at first awkward and so shy
sparks begin to fly


10/2/08 09:18 am - hypercaz - Michael/Bonnie icons =D

So I hope no one minds if I put in some shippy fanart. 7 icons and one banner for Michael and Bonnie. <3

this-a-way!Collapse )


2/17/07 05:43 pm - luckybluestar - 6 Voice Box Icons.

They’re not much. These are recolors of Kitt’s voice box using a color bar meme. Maybe role-players or fan fic authors with their own made up AIs can find a use for these.

Take, alter, credit if you want to.
No hotlinking.



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2/14/07 02:04 am - luckybluestar - Knight Rider Icons and Banners

All at my icon journal. Please see each post for resources and crediting information. All graphics are bases, and can be modified.

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3
Post 4
Post 5

Crediting me is not needed. Comments are muchly appreciated, but also not needed. No hotlinking.



1/1/07 07:30 pm - vespurrs - Michael icons?

Is anyone out there willing to do some nice icons of Michael?

9/18/06 08:51 pm - dknightshade - Some KARR Icons

Just a couple of KARR icons under the cut.  If anyone wants them, they're free for the taking, just please don't hotlink.  Credit is appreciated.


Two Tone TroubleCollapse )

9/16/06 07:55 pm - phoenix2000

Quiet little place. :)

Any chance of seeing more Karr icons? Yes, I have a nasty weakness for the bad boy.
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